We are huge fans of many of the local California breweries, and have really enjoyed seeing so many master craftspeople pursue the very important task of keeping us in good beer. With John & Susan relocating to Oregon, we are also treated to some of the best that the Oregon brewmasters have to offer, so we have an embarrasssment of riches when it comes to good beer, but remember what they say~ It takes a lot of good beer to make good wine! 

We are hopeless hop-heads around here, so you will notice nearly all of our favorite beers are quite the hoppy masterpieces. Many of our generous friends bring us non-IPA beers to sample and try to persuade us to change our hoppy perspective, and although some are very good, we haven't quite found one to make the list, but do appreciate the samples! 

California Beers

Fortunately or unfortunately, Oakstone Winery has become known for a tradition started years ago, when after a long day of toiling away under John's watchful eye, we were rewarded by an afternoon break to mark the end of whatever long, arduous task we had been working on. We were quite spoiled, so what started out as a treat soon became the norm, and 0'Beer Thirty was born!

Oregon Beers

Oakstone's Favorite Beers for 0'Beer Thirty